The Laura McPhee Memorial Fund (Asthma) UK CHARITY

A beautiful princess will never be forgotten

READ WHAT WE HAVE SO FAR:  click on individual links  guiness book of records attempt charity football match 2014  (helping baby rio and lauras plaque photo of our help)  height an weigh machines we have bought Grimsby cdc unit for the kiddies  (PC SUTTON RUNNING FOR OUR CHARITY THANKYOU STEPHEN) (some of the 6 items bought-Jan 2013) (donates breathing units)  ( One of the charities chosen)  (peter andre backs our charity) (fun day) (lauras dad bike ride) (laura bear) ( £50,000 - everyday is a struggle) (charity cd) (xmas carol service)  (laura bear books) (humberston park school) (friends tribute) (laura bear) (tattoo day) (shortlisted for an award) (secret millionaire) (sunday mirror) (susan boyle donated us her dress to auction off) (Grimsby to blackpool 160 mile cycle ride in under 10 hrs) (fun run) (hearts have been shattered) (pool tournament) (sleepwalk)  (10k raised) (fishing match) (handover of toys) (boomerang) ( FIX N KICKS)

google our charity! much more...