CHARITY POOL TOURNAMENT 2011 CUE WORLD CHARITY POOL TOURNAMENT 2011 CUE WORLD winning trophy 141034601 141034602 141034604 some of the young players 141034605 a proud mum waiting patiently 141034606 few of the players well done everyone 141034608 me and my auntie maggie giving me a big hug xx 141034609 ellie may cheering everyone on x 141034610 a proud dad waiting patientaly 141034611 fab player Bradley Burrell 141034612 another fab player lewis sewell 141034613 Gail fields 141034614 dad having a go x 141034615 Sue having a go 141034616 141034617 Bob lait having a go 141034619 Simon Sharp 141034620 Roy mcPhee yeahhh laura's fab daddy. 141034621 141034622 matthew kirman 141034623 Go debbie taylor xx 141034624 Wayne Scott 141034626 141034627 141034628 Darren barraclough 141034629 Mark Stevens fab match 141034630 Jim Litchfield Grimsby Pool League. helped massivley thankyou Jim x 141034633 Ellie may well done darling you did fab x 141034634 141034635 Darren barraclough 141034636 Debbie Taylor, Matthew Kirman, Darren Baraaclough and Trace McPhee 141034637 RUNNER UP MATTHEW KIRMAN Debbie taylor presenting Runner up Matthew Kirman fab player well done close match 141034638 WINNER DARREN BARACLOUGH Trace McPhee presenting WINNER Darren Barraclough Trophy and prize money brilliant match thankyou x 141034639