The Laura McPhee Memorial Fund (Asthma) UK CHARITY

A beautiful princess will never be forgotten


The day before laura passed away she was at home due to the weather and nagged her mum to put the christmas tree up. They both put it up and it looked beautiful, then Laura baked cakes with her mum, made christmas decorations etc, wrote all her christmas cards out to her school friends and had a lovely day at home doing art.

Then sadly god took Laura on Wednesday 1st Dec the very next day, Princess Laura had an asthma attack, the snow was 10 inches thick the worse weather for years unfortunatley, the ambulance couldnt get through, it had to be towed. Mummy, Lewis and neighbours tried desperatley for 40 minutes to resusitate Laura. The Ambulance due to horrendous weather conditions took 40 minutes. Everyone tried there very best to bring princess back. Once she did get to the hospital there was nothing more they could do. They all tried desperatley to bring her back but god just wanted our beautiful girl for the best angel in Heaven. Thats when our lives was ripped apart and never be the same again ever. We so wanted her to stay with us and open her christmas presents Santa brought her we were telling her Santa had come early and what she had got but princess is the brightest, beautiful star in the sky who will never be forgotten but will always be loved and missed now and always.

Princess Laura, Daddys little girl, Lewis's little lady, and Mummys beautiful princess. We miss and love you so much. We are broken hearted and wish we could bring you back home. we cant understand why god took you away he has shattered our hearts. We miss your cheeky smile, kisses, cuddles and holding you, absoltuley everything about you even when you were madam molly. the pain is so overwhelming. We are broken but are trying to be strong sweetheart. just wish i was up there with you kisses, cuddling and protecting you. God please keep the light on for princess (she doesnt like the dark) make sure you give her billions of kisses, and read her a bed time story (Jackie Wilson book) and make sure you protect her till we are all back in each others arms. Sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite (our saying) Rest in Peace our beautiful Angel. love you so much always in our hearts never forgotten. Love from Broken Hearted Mummy and Daddy xxx

Miss you princess and love you so much,its so hard to understand why you were taken away, but we tried our best for you sweetheart.We love you so much and you will always be my Little Lady. i will never stop loving you or will ever forget you, i wear the joint necklace i bought for you and me and you have the other half and i will always wear it. just remember little sister you are beautiful and i will love you now and always till we meet again.Rest in Peace darling love you, love from your Big Brother Lewis. Lots of kisses sweetheart Love you xx